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A global pandemic rages.

Hannah reluctantly travels to the Deep South, USA in the fall of 2020 to check on her ailing Uncle Calvin. To her horror, she discovers that her estranged family have taken on the beliefs of a dangerous online cult, leading them to harbor an extremist fugitive willing to do unspeakable things to defend himself... against his own government.

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It's December, 2020.

Hannah would rather be anywhere else but on the road back home, especially at this particular point in history. Despite her better judgement, she makes the trip to see her ailing, widowed uncle in hopes that it isn't too late. After all, Cousin Sophie just didn't sound right on the phone...

By the time they arrive at the old, dilapidated family home, Hannah's defenses are on high alert. Was that a woman's scream they heard as they approached the front door? Not according to Sophie, as she quickly changes the subject. 

Signs of rampant drug abuse are apparent. The family home is a shell of its former self, junk and squalor piled to the rafters. Uncle Calvin is in bad shape, denying his condition between fits of bloody coughing. 

Is there something more going on here than meets the eye? Has an unchecked stream of conspiracies, drugs, and outraged paranoia allowed something - or someone - more sinister into the home? Surely Hannah must be safe with her family, despite their differences... 

As the full extent of evil wrought upon her childhood home slowly unfolds, Hannah learns that freedom is a snare for those that do not know how to care for it. Can she save her family from death if it is disguised as liberty? Can she escape with her life & sanity intact? The stakes grow higher as the hours pass, and who will survive the night's shocking conclusion is anyone's guess. 

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Title:                      PandemiQ
Length:                 Feature Film
Genre:                  Political Thriller
Budget:                3 Million USD (proposed)
Shoot Begins:      Q1, 2024

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'No matter what you believe, you're gonna be curious about this.

On January 6th, 2021, I knew I had to make this film. It's appropriate for the horror genre, as I can think of nothing more horrific than the death of objective knowledge at the hands of mainstream conspiratorial paranoia.

This film will dare to explore the furthest reaches of these ideas in violent fashion as they are pursued to their only logical conclusions. We're gonna see what it looks like when a grief-stricken family is destroyed by cultish ideology, and just how far down the 'rabbit hole' they go is truly unspeakable. 

Enjoy a slow boil into absolute 2020 madness. I hope it is as cathartic for you as it has been for me.'


Ike Duncan

PandemiQ Writer & Director

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Budget: 1.2 Million

Budget: 4.5 Million

Budget: 3 Million

Box Office: 103.9 Million

Box Office: 255 Million

Box Office: 91 Million



Proposed Budget: 3 Million USD

We are currently funding all phases of Production, with both  EXECUTIVE PRODUCER and ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit roles currently available. Contact Kindred Sinners Entertainment to start the conversation. 

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